Our view on consulting

We believe that a good consultant is not only professional and skilled within his/hers area of expertise; a good consultant also needs to have emotional and cognitive skills. To put the Customer's needs in the first room will need competence as well as a strong personality. Furthermore we also believe that one plus one becomes three when specialists from different domains cooperate in problem solving or in the creation of something new.


We believe that we will be great consultants by:


  • Focusing on effect!

  • Being transparent!

  • Put the user first! 

Information security

Successful implementations of Information Security Governance supports the business in

  • Protecting assets worth protecting to a reasonable level of protection.

  • Safeguarding business values by making peoples act reasonable.

  • Making it possible for a safe return to business as usual, should anything go wrong.

Integrating Information Security as a natural part of other parts of the business is important for a successful implementation. Thus Innovate believe in cooperation and keeping the Management System for Information Security as simple as possible (but not simpler) in our projects.

Example projects


The biggest impact on your IT-security comes from taking the right decisions when designing your solutions in the first place. We at Innovate can help you designing the best solution for your tasks, providing support with:

  • Support your procurement process.

  • Efficient governance of functional and non-functional demands.

  • Design or detail optimal business processes. 

Our Architects have expertise in high- and low level architecture and can provide support within Enterprise Architecture initiatives, detailed process- and information modelling as well as designing service oriented and/or event driven system integrations.

System Development

Innovate Security has been working with external Software Development projects as well as our own development of our products. We believe in an agile approach with short, iterative deliveries and a continuous dialogue between the project team and the customer.


We use the following technologies in our development:​


  • We have extensive experience in developing with Python, Elixir and Javascript.

  • Our usual technology stack consists of either the Phoenix framework on elixir or Django/Pylons/Pyramid/Flask on Python, with a React, Redux and D3 mix on top.

  • We have experience working with different web-server related technologies such as Apache, nginx, Grafana and Postgres.

  • We normally deploy in cloud environments, usually google compute engine or compute cloud.

Lastly, we of course use standard development tools to easily integrate into your development cycle, such as git, jira, jenkins, selenium, soapui, loadui as well as a series of different unit-testing libraries.