Release 2.5.0

Named Organizations

A list of external organizations has been added under Resources. The fields for Controller, Processor(s) and Third party recipients of personal data have been changed from free-text to selected organizations from this list. Locations can now also be connected to these organizations.

RACI responsibilites for model assets

All assets in the model (processes, information objects, application etc) now have four fields instead of the previous single field for Owner. It is now possible to specify who is Responsible, Accountable Owner, Consulted, and Informed for each asset.

Missing Statements

Users who are Responsible or Accountable for assets in the model will now see a list of missing statements of fulfillment that they need to answer on the start page.

Export list of Security Mechanisms provided by a Security Service

The list of Security Mechanisms that a Security Service provides can now be exported into a CSV list that includes levels and descriptions of the provided Security Mechanisms. This is particularly useful for Security Services that represent demands put on for external service suppliers. The exported list can be used to communicate your demands and to collect answers from your suppliers.

Export to SVG

It is now possible to export process diagrams as SVG images, by right-clicking in the diagram. A link to a dynamically updated version of the image is also generated. The static image can be saved and published anywhere, and the dynamic image can be embedded in a html page with <img src=... />, visible in a browser with an active ESM session.