How we think about UX or "God help me if this is a dud"

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Usually when we, we as "we in the it-industry", talk about User experiences we talk about it in the context of an application or website. The user did this and then that and this were the result and or feeling at this point.

I don't agree with that.

A User experience is the totality of interaction with the product. If you are using a product but run into problems and call customer service, then them talking you through your problem is a part of your user experience. When you are going to training for a product that is a part of your user experience. When you taking data from an application into something else, that is also your user experience.

Take the propaganda poster above.

We think of the grenade as relevant only when it is about to be used, but for the guy using it, he would have been burdened with it for days, perhaps even weeks or months. It had to be of high enough quality to not malfunction day to day (in the worst case with catastrophic failure) and small enough to not get in the way. His user experience would have been for a long time.

And it does not end there, if we look at it from a large scale then the grenade needs to be able to co-exist with other things, it needs to be easy and cheap to work within the eco-system of production and logistics. In a large enough space, a simple thing like an extra step the device can determine if your people get their work done in time or not.

That is a user experience at it's most extreme, but exchange the word grenade in the previous two paragraphs for whatever software the company you work in is mainly using and I think you see my point.

At Innovate we have these retroreflective strips that we hand out to people (give me a heads up and we'll mail one to you), in a sense even this is part of our User Experience or User Journey. It is not only what you do, but what kind of feelings you associate and bring into a situation.

So, think about the whole journey for your users when it comes to their user experience.

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