ISO/IEC27000 readiness

Using ISO/IEC27000 will help You to implement a structured work with Information Security. However, ISO/IEC27000 is complex and will be easier with the support of our innovative implementation process.
  • Implementing a digital Information Security Management System through ESM. 
  • Digitializing the Statement of Applicability
  • A visual and common model of processes, information assets and IT-system


Using Excel as technical platform has its drawbacks. We will help You in establishing ESM as a visual GDPR-repository that will enable efficient compliance checks and maintenance of Your GDPR information.
  • Identifying IT-environment
  • Identifying processes using Personal Identifiable Information
  • Establishing a working process for GDPR.

Identify Your Crown Jewels

Using an efficient and visual work flow our specialists will help You in identifying Your Crown Jewels and understand if they are sufficiently protected.
  • Identifying valuable information assets
  • Identifying IT-environment
  • Identifying processes
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