Innovate Security
provides secure solutions for the digital world

ESM, the digital Management System, enables:​

  • Efficient ICT Compliance - "State once, measure many"

  • Efficient work with several standards and frameworks in parallell, ISO27000, NIST, EBA and EIOPA ICT Guidelines, PCI-DSS and more.

  • A combined management system for ICT continuity, Information Security and ICT Compliance

  • Dynamic work with Internal Control activities to control Your organisation

  • Efficient support in controlling Suppliers with respect to Information Security, Business Continuity, ICT Compliance and treatment of Personal Data.

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Some benefits of using ESM

Financial Institutions

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  • "State once, measure many" - measure compliance with many regulative requirements efficiently.

  • Import own standards and get compliance reports with ease.

  • Maintain your Information Security Architecture in a dynamic and highly regulated environment

  • Integration of FFFS2014:1, :4 and :5 from Swedish Financial Supervisory, PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC27001, ISO27002

  • Integrated support for Dynamic register for GDPR, Article 30

  • Support for Data Protection by Design and Default