ESM - your digital Information Security Management System

Innovate develops ESM - Enterprise Security Modeller, an IT-system that simplifies and streamlines work within information security and risk identification:

  • Visual support for identifying all your information and how to protect it

  • Supporting Risk Identification using a simplified workflow

  • Collaborative work with Information Security and IT-architecture - get more specialists involved!

ISO/IEC 27000 support in association with Swedish Institute for Standards.

ESM - Who should use it?

Organizations that need: 

  • to take control over Information Security

  • an effective way to prepare for and maintain a ISO/IEC 27001 certification

  • support in risk identification using ISO/IEC 27005

  • a visual and effective GDPR-repository and support in Privacy by design using ISO/IEC 27018 and ISO/IEC 27701

Or if you simply need more "order in the house" regarding processes, information and IT-systems.

ESM - How should I start?

Read more and sign up for your free trial here.

  1. Identify your most valuable information assets

  2. Document your critical business processes

  3. Model your critical IT-systems

  4. Connect your information to processes and systems, and get simple visual support on how to improve your information security

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